Brandi Fowler
Aug 25, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

'80s nostalgia? Check.

Emma Stone is flashing back to the decade in her latest project—and rocking a full head of teased platinum blonde curls and the era's fashions for it. She stars in the upcoming Netflix series Maniac, which is currently shooting in Long Island, New York.

The Oscar winner was spotted pouting her lips as she filmed a scene for the show Thursday while wearing a sleeveless floral top paired with acid wash jeans and high top sneakers with pink and white shoestrings. She also toted a colorful, striped bag as she made her way across a parking lot.

Stone stars in the film with a slimmed-down Jonah Hill, who sported one serious curly mullet, a football jersey with the No. 1 emblazoned on it, long jean shorts, tall striped socks, and sneakers for one of the scenes they were shooting. The duo's latest project marks an on-screen reunion for them, considering they last starred together in the 2007 comedy Superbad.

Few details about the dark comedy have been released, but according to IMBD, Maniac follows "an institutionalized man [Hill's character] who dreams of a new life in a fantasy world."

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Justin Theroux also recently signed on to the project, which is set to debut in 2018.

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