Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - 2017 Golden Globes - LEAD
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

La La Land swept the competition at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, taking home a record seven honors by winning every category it was nominated in and leaving all challengers in the dust.

Ryan Reynolds was unlucky enough to face off against La La Land star Ryan Gosling in the best actor category, but the Deadpool lead proved that there's nothing that a quick makeout session can't fix.

When Gosling headed to the stage to collect his trophy, Reynolds decided to find solace by leaning over and kissing Emma Stone's ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield, and social media went wild.

While we caught sight of Blake Lively clapping approvingly, as it turns out, another actress was also a fan of the smooch. After the ceremony, Entertainment Tonight showed a disbelieving Stone a clip of the impromptu lip-lock.

VIDEO: Andrew Garfield Explains Why He Kissed Ryan Reynolds

"What?" Stone said, indicating that she had missed the moment during the show. "They did not kiss each other?!"

"They did?" Garfield's shocked ex-girlfriend exclaimed after seeing the clip. "That's hilarious."

"I mean, I'm happy for them, honestly, you know?" Gosling commented as he watched the footage. "Good for them," he said, to which the 28-year-old actress added: ""I'm happy for them too." Watch the moment here:

Looks like there's nothing a little awards ceremony makeout can't fix!