Emma Roberts's Latest Style Obsessions

Emma Roberts
Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP photo

While speaking with Emma Roberts about her film Homework at the Sundance Film Festival, she stopped mid-sentence to break some style news. "Wait! I have to tell you about this new brand I found," the 19-year-old exclaimed, showing us her asymmetrical blazer by McGinn Collection, a line from the makers of Plastic Island. "I'm a big shopper," Roberts said. "Plus, my stylists send me texts when they find things they think I'll like. And I'm always asking my friends what they're wearing and where they got it." Another of her recent recent finds is Australian label Mink Pink. "I'm obsessed," she said. "They make these amazing ladylike jackets that are so affordable." While Roberts loves a bargain, she's not afraid to splurge on an investment piece. "I think it's cool to pair an outfit from an unknown designer with a big, red Chanel bag," she mused. "And I have a leopard print Louis Vuitton scarf that I'll wear even when it's not even cold outside. My friends are like, 'Emma it's L.A. and it's 60 degrees.' I'm like, 'I don't care, it's Louis Vuitton!"

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