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There's a new Queen Bee taking over TV this fall, and her name is Chanel Oberlin.

In Scream Queens, Emma Roberts stars as the head of her sorority—aka the girl that everyone fears. But when a serial killer starts attacking students on her college campus, Chanel's vicious hazing habits start to look like child's play. The premiere of Ryan Murphy's new series for Fox is still months away, but the excitement is already building—and after catching a glimpse of the killer fashion in the show's trailer, we can't wait to see Roberts and her co-stars Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande, and Abigail Breslin slay the small screen.

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No one is more excited about the show—and its costumes—than Roberts. We recently caught up with the actress at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, and she told InStyle that the wardrobe is seriously lust-worthy. “It’s always so fun going to the fittings, because they put together such amazing outfits,” Roberts said. And there are plenty of designer options to choose from. “The closet’s two stories!” Roberts said of her character's walk-in (pictured below). “I change probably ten times per episode—maybe more.”

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Thanks to all the stylish goods on set, Roberts is a bit more lax when choosing her own ensembles these days. “I roll into work wearing, like, sweatpants and New Balance, because I know I’ll just get dressed to the nines once I get there,” she said. While it's hard to play favorites when choosing outfits from such a huge closet, the star was immediately drawn a few labels in particular. “I’m really into Christian Siriano, and we wear a lot of him on the show,” Roberts said. “He has really, really amazing stuff that looks like it’s just off the runway—and our characters wear it to school.”

Another fashion fave on the set is a no-brainer: The designer after which Roberts's character was named, of course. “There’s a lot of vintage Chanel that they use, which I love,” she said, adding that she “thought it was so amazing” when she found out her character’s name. “Ryan Murphy and I were wrapping up [American Horror Story:] Freak Show, and started talking about Scream Queens,” Roberts explained. “He came up to me and said, ‘Your name on the show is Chanel Oberlin.’ I was like, ‘Genius—love it!’ Everything that he comes up with is just better and more insane than the last thing.”

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From what we've seen so far, Scream Queens just might be the Glee and American Horror Story creator's most deliciously over-the-top project to date. And at the center of it all, Roberts' character—the "Queen B---ch," if you will—brings the drama wherever she goes. Still, the actress has a soft spot for the girl who rules the fictional Kappa House. “I love Chanel,” she said. “I love to hate her, and I love to love her.” But even when Chanel is on her bad side, Roberts admits that she’s intrigued by her character’s collegiate life. “I always kind of wanted to be in a sorority,” she said. “But I think it was more that I just wanted to go to school, because I was homeschooled.”

Without a university experience of her own to fall back on, Roberts had to start from scratch when researching her Scream Queens role. “I never really knew anyone who was in a sorority, so I just watched a lot of movies like Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, and Heathers,” she said. “Even though they’re high school movies and not really sororities, I watched them to get into character.”

See Roberts channel her inner Regina George in the latest trailer for Scream Queens, below.