Emma Roberts Explains Why She Stuffs Her Shoes with Tissues

Emma Roberts - Lead
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In the last few years, Emma Roberts has really come into her own on the red carpet, delivering a parade of on-point looks without a mishap or faux pas in sight. We can only imagine that it takes hours (or days, or even weeks) of prep to reach that level of camera-ready perfection, but she's quick to reveal that the whole process is "a lot less glamorous than it looks."

"When I'm about to leave for the red carpet," she tells InStyle, "it's always a mad dash to make sure my tapes are in the right place, that my shoes aren't too big."

Wait, too-big shoes?

"Sample shoe sizes are 37, and I'm a true 36," Roberts explains. "I'm constantly stuffing tissues in the front."

Other than having tissues (when insoles aren't readily available) on hand, Roberts also calls out nipple covers as musts in her red carpet fashion kit. "Nipple covers are a girl's best friend," she laughs. "If I ever have a nip slip, it'll just be of a nipple cover." She pauses. "Which may or may not be a good thing." We definitely think it's a good thing!

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