Now You Can Be Emma Roberts's Personal Stylist With This Fashion App

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast. When she's not filming her hit show Scream Queens, the actress nurtures her love for style by devouring fashion magazines and keeping up to date on her favorite blogs and Instagram accounts. So it should come as no surprise that her latest venture fuses both fashion and technology in a super fun way.

Roberts has teamed up with Covet Fashion to be the app's first host, which will allow her fans to virtually style her using clothing from over 160 brands. "One of the main things my fans are always asking me [on social media] is what I'm wearing and the designers and trends I'm into," Roberts tells InStyle. "So when I saw Covet was a way to interact with my fans over fashion and style I thought it was a no brainer."

As part of the "Day in the Life of Emma Roberts" series, fans will get the chance to dress the star for a variety of different real-life occasions like grabbing coffee (something that Roberts tells us she can't live without) and going to a red carpet event. Roberts will then be able to interact with the app's users and impart her own fashion wisdom and style philosophy, which she revealed is all about staying true to yourself and being comfortable. "When I was younger I would do what was trendy or what other people were doing and as I’ve gotten older I do more what I like even if that means being on the worst dressed list," she says.

When she's not taking risks on the red carpet, she keeps her style low key. "My daily uniform is pretty simple: It’s a light V-neck tee, black or blue skinny jeans, and my black studded ankle boots," she shares. "Lately for fall I’ve been trying to do statement coats, so right now I have a leopard coat that I love." Roberts wears the piece in the photo at top and it recently made an appearance on her Instagram account (below).

With your styling help, maybe she'll fall in love with another statement coat you find via the Covet Fashion app. Head to to download it for free, and then try your hand at dressing the fashionable star.

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