Emma Roberts
Credit: Splash News; Getty Images

Emma Roberts’ recent decision to cut her long sandy strands into an adorable new bob didn’t happen overnight. The 20-year-old actress has been gearing up since February to take her hair to shorter lengths. “OBSESSED with Jennifer Aniston's new short hair!! I want it!” she Tweeted after seeing Aniston’s new look. Ten months later, she has it—courtesy of Aniston’s longtime friend and hairstylist Chris McMillan no less. So how do the two bobs compare?“They're both gorgeous, versatile cuts, but they're actually very different," McMillan told today. “Jennifer's was one-length all around with no bangs. Emma has long, soft layers and an uneven razored perimeter. She also has long, grown-out bangs that swoop to the side.” So, why is this style so sought-after? “There tons of fun ways to work it," McMillan said. So go for it!

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