Isabel Jones
May 24, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

We love Emma Roberts. We love Julia Roberts. And while we know they’re very closely related, we just don’t have enough reminders in our day-to-day. When are they going to star in a movie together? When are they going to chair a famous aunts and nieces convention? We just have so many questions.

Today, Emma did her part to quell our Roberts family anxieties. The actress, 26, appeared on the set of her upcoming movie Little Italy in a red graphic tee reading “A Slice of Heaven” next to an image of a slice of pepperoni pizza. Some (most, we think and hope) would see this as a reference to Mystic Pizza, the tiny 1988 cult film about a Connecticut pizza parlor that happened to jumpstart Julia Roberts’s career!

“A Slice of Heaven” is the pizza parlor’s slogan (both in the film and IRL), so it’s pretty damn likely that Emma’s tee isn’t a coincidental wardrobe choice.

See, look, baby Julia’s wearing it:

Samuel Goldwyn Company

Emma’s wearing it!

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This could be a great newsletter item for the famous aunts and nieces convention, just saying…

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