By Rose Walano
Updated May 16, 2012 @ 4:40 pm
Revenge Emily Van Camp
Credit: Graylock/ABACAUSA.COM

Revenge fans tune in as much for the drama-filled, addictive storyline as they do for the high-fashion looks the ladies of Hamptons churn out week after week. So when we caught up with star Emily VanCamp at the ABC Upfronts VIP bash hosted by Entertainment Weekly in New York last night—where she wore a Christian Dior floral dress—we just had to find out her favorite look from the show’s first season. Scroll down to see what she picked...

Revenge Emily Van Camp
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC via Getty (2)

On the show, there was an Azzedine Alaïa that I wore that was very beautiful,” VanCamp told of this look, which she wore during episode 11, when Tyler loomed behind her at Daniel’s intimate birthday celebration. And her character Emily Thorne has taught her a lot about fashion. “I would say that we have very different styles, because I like to be much more comfortable and those tight dresses tend not to be too comfortable,” VanCamp said. “But I've definitely learned to appreciate really beautiful, tailored dresses a lot more. I've started to get into fashion, and it kind of excites me now, whereas before and never really did—at all. It's kind of nice.” We can’t wait to see what else she wears—on and off the red carpet! A new episode of Revenge airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.