No need for rose-colored glasses.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Apr 17, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Ignore your calendars, because it looks like summer is officially here. Coachella's first weekend is in the rear-view and supermodels are dying their hair in hues that are definitely high-temp appropriate. One of the first to jump on the dye ship is Emily Ratajkowski, who showed off a bold pink shade on Instagram. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted a clip of the hair in all of its rosy glory.

Vanngo's caption explained that the color wasn't just for fun. Ratajkowski dyed her hair for a special project for Love Magazine. Paired with bold brows and a sparkling rusty-pink eye, the look has all the trappings of an amazing editorial. Vanngo posted several photos and a short video which showed off his handiwork with Ratajkowski's makeup, and also allowed his followers to see her new 'do. He credited Dimitri Giannetos, who also posted similar images to his own account.

It's a bold step for Ratajkowski, who's not known for getting too adventurous with her hair color. In the past, she has lightened her brown hair to a honey chestnut shade and gone completely platinum, making this a rare foray into the world of Technicolor. If you think the shade looks familiar, you could be drawing comparisons to Ratajkowski in a bubblegum-pink wig, which was a prop used for a different Love Magazine shoot back in 2017. She's also dyed her hair blue, though it seemed like a temporary situation from her Twitter caption.

Today's pink was a sudden change, so don't feel too bad if you're experiencing a bit of Ratajkowski whiplash. Just last weekend, she was snapped at Coachella with her trademark dark-brown hair.

Update: It turns out Emrata fooled us all again. Her bubblegum pink hair was actually another wig she put on for her LOVE shoot. Real or not, her pastel hair is a great source of inspiration for anyone who's considering going pink for the summer.