Emily Ratajkowski is a Living #CurrentMood Meme in This Bikini

It will come as no shock to you that Emily Ratajkowski—who is never not in a bikini—is currently in a bikini. But, there's something about the model's latest snap that stands out. It's like sexy insouciance come to life, and we can't stop staring.

In a sizzling white two-piece from Fae Swim, the model poses against a sun-splashed wall. She's casually holding a can of something frosty in one hand, and her mussed hair says: I woke up from a poolside catnap like this.

Being Emily freaking Ratajkowksi, she has an enviable golden tan. And her sepia sunglasses and layered necklaces add a hint of hippy-style flair. But, what we love about this snap above all is Emrata's casual lean.

Her stance sends a clear message to the work week that was: I'm off the clock now, baby. In other words, Ratajkowki is all of our #currentmoods this Friday evening.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, may you find your inner Emrata.

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