By Tessa Trudeau
Updated Jul 20, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - LEAD
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

It may seem hard to believe, but Emily Ratajkowski has just become the face of a swimwear brand for—wait for it—the very first time. While the model-actress loves to post shots in her beachwear on Instagram and has posed for countless magazine spreads, including the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she has never actually partnered with a swimwear campaign—until now. Today, July 20, Ratajkowski was announced as the face of Australian brand Amore & Sorvete’s 2016-2017 collection, and InStyle got the exclusive first look.

Back in June, we were lucky enough to go behind the scenes at the photo shoot to see the collection firsthand, meet the designer, and talk to Ratajkowski herself. Sitting poolside at a swanky home in the Hollywood Hills, Ratajkowski told us all about the line and her involvement. “I first became aware of the brand when I was shooting for Sports Illustrated,” she told us. “I get a lot of different bathing suits and I’ve shot in a lot of different bathing suits, and there was just something about the fit [of Amore & Sorvete] that was extra special.”

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 2
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

Amore & Sorvete, which means "love and ice cream" in Portuguese, was created in 2009 by designer Bridgette Gale (above, left). Based out of Perth, Australia, Gale started the brand to reflect her active lifestyle in the coastal town where she grew up. "I started it when I was 21; I was pretty young. Where I grew up on the coast, I was just always in my swimwear, always in a bikini. I had about 40 bikinis before I started Amore & Sorvete." Our favorite detail of the line? "We’ve got our signature heart on each bikini, and if you look at it closely, it’s a heart but also a double scoop ice cream," the designer dished.

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The full collection with Emily as the face will launch in September, but starting today, two styles, Wind Star and Hula Hula, will be available on the brand's website. Read below to see what the bathing suit beauty had to say.

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 5
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

On her favorite pieces of the line:
All of the bottoms to me are just amazing. I grew up in San Diego and I love a good Brazilian cheeky bottom. I think it’s the most flattering. But also for me, I’m a fuller cup size and it’s hard to always find support. There’s a bralette that’s really nice that also has the support but is still cute, which is great.

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 1
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

Any tips on being confident in swimwear?
I always say, “Do you have a body? Then you’re swimsuit ready.” That’s all you need to worry about. The thing to know is love yourself and find the bathing suits that make you feel comfortable and just rock it.

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 3
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

On her favorite thing about the line:
There’s something really special about the way that this line fits. It really is made for girls--for women. It’s thought out and beautiful. It felt like something that I could go to the beach in and be with my friends and go swimming in, but also still look really cute.

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 4
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

Summer beauty essentials?
Sunscreen is really key. I let my body get as tan as I want, but my face not at all. It really makes a difference in your skin. Just keep moisturizing everywhere, too, after a day of sun.

Emily Ratajkowski Swimwear Campaign - Embed 6
Credit: Courtesy of Amore & Sorvete

Beach or pool?
That’s so hard. I mean, I love a good beach. But there’s something nice about being in a house and having that privacy and chatting with your girlfriends--that’s great.