Emily Ratajkowski's Tricks to Wearing Denim Like No Other

Emily Ratajkowski DL1961 Jeans Campaign New - LEAD
Photo: Courtesy DL1961

Emily Ratajkowski has some exciting news to share: The model-actress-style icon is the new face of the celeb-favorite denim brand DL1961.

On Thursday, the company revealed her as the star of its fall 2017 campaign, which was shot at the Plaza Hotel by photographer Boo George.

"Emily truly is the DL woman in her spirit, her style, her wit and her modern edge," DL1961 Creative Director Sarah Ahmed shares in a statement. “Not only does she wear our denim incredibly well, but she also cares deeply about the things that matter to our brand—female empowerment, product sustainability and ethics."

We couldn’t agree more.

Ratajkowski’s campaign is as steamy as the 26-year-old’s fans have come to expect from her world-famous Instagram account.

Emily Ratajkowski DL1961 Jeans Campaign New - EMBED 01
Courtesy DL1961

The model frolics about rooms at the Plaza in various states of dress (and undress) as she shows off the brand’s flattering designs. Ratajkowski exudes confidence in every outfit, whether a denim jumpsuit or nothing but her birthday suit, making her an empowering figure on the forefront of the body confidence movement.

According to the Instagram star, she’s always felt comfortable in her skin. “I owe it to spending time in Europe as a kid and my parents who always encouraged me to be confident,” she tells InStyle.

Emily Ratajkowski DL1961 Jeans Campaign New - EMBED 02
Courtesy DL1961

And how, exactly, did she get that oft-’grammed body? A little bit of everything. “I am genetically very lucky so I don't diet like crazy,” Ratajkowski says. “I try to maintain a balanced and fresh diet. I also do yoga and hike.”

When it comes to denim inspo’, Ratajowski cites Hermès muse and actress Jane Birkin. “She knew how to dress denim up like no one else,” EmRata says of the star.

VIDEO: Make Me Emily Ratajkowski Featuring Laura Brown

Emily knows a thing or two about dressing up denim herself. The model shared her tips for seamlessly taking jeans from daytime-chic to evening-appropriate. In the day, Ratajowski says she loves to pair fitted DL1961 jeans in a light wash with a bright crop top and accessorize with a pair of espadrilles and a “cute lady-like purse.”

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When it’s time to switch things up for nighttime, EmRata swaps her crop top for a “chic Attico top” and subs a pair of strappy stilettos in for her espadrilles.

That being said, denim wasn’t always a staple of the 26-year-old’s wardrobe and while growing up, Ratajkowski's vibe geared toward the retro. "I was really into the '90s in high school—vintage floral dresses and chokers," she says. Same, EmRata, same.

A style icon in her own right, Ratajkowski follows a simple sartorial mantra daily: “Dress for the persona you want to be each day.” Sound advice!

—With reporting by Claire Stern.

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