Emily Maynard's Favorite Looks from The Bachelorette With Desiree Hartsock, Episode 8

Emily Maynard's Favorite Looks The Bachelorette Episode 8
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It's getting down to the wire on this season of The Bachelorette, and last night's episode featured one of the most exciting aspects of the show -- the hometown dates. There's always potential for disaster when you meet the family of the person you're dating, but that wasn't the case for Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock (shown in an embellished Gomez-Gracia dress). She not only charmed each suitor's relatives, but she looked great while doing it, said former Bachelorette and fashion and lifestyle blogger Emily Maynard, who is keeping us informed of her favorite Bach looks all season long. "Meeting your boyfriend's parents is scary enough, but doing it on television while millions of people watch at home is even more terrifying," she told InStyle.com exclusively. Click to see which outfits Maynard loved the most, then check back each week to see more of her favorites.

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