By Rose Walano
Updated Feb 20, 2013 @ 12:04 pm
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Jessica Paster, celebrity stylist and chief stylist at JustFab, dresses the likes of Emily Blunt, Miranda Kerr, and Leslie Mann. Now, as she gears up for the Oscars, the biggest red carpet event of the year, we caught up with the always-on-the-go stylist to find out what look she liked best so far. Paster's pick? This truly golden Golden Globes look Emily Blunt wore—a Michael Kors design that flashed a sliver of abs. "I thought she was just a knockout," Paster, shown inset, told "She looked so beautiful, and she's always so elegant." Picking the dress is an art in itself, added Paster. "I think that if you really know your client and you see a beautiful dress, you just know that it's the perfect match for each other." What a match this was!

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