Emily Blunt may play the prim and properly sweet titular character in Mary Poppins Returns, but in real life, she's not one to mess with when she wants something.

And while filming Mary Poppins Returns with co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda, that something was comedian Wayne Brady's email.

“Lin was in Mary Poppins with me, so one day I took my parrot umbrella and gently pressed him against the wall, by the throat, and said, ‘You need to give me Wayne Brady’s personal e-mail!’ He gave it up very easily,” she told Page Six.

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But why all the force for one email? As it turns out, Blunt had a plan up her sleeve and a great reason for wanting it.

Blunt wanted to honor Brady at the American Institute for Stuttering Gala because like Brady, Blunt struggled with stuttering.

The actress opened up to InStyle in November about her condition.

“I got teased a lot, and to this day, I hate unkindness in people and bullies," she said.

So when she saw an opportunity to unite with Brady for the 11th Annual Institute for Stuttering Gala, that's exactly what she did.

We hope Miranda—and his neck—understand.