Even her mom can't watch it without crying.


Even if you've only seen the trailer for A Quiet Place, you're probably well aware that the film turned the "intensity" dial all the way up to a level ten. And according to Emily Blunt, who took home the SAG Award statuette on Sunday night for her role in the thriller, filming some of the more gruesome scenes was just as intense as the end result.

The film, which was written and directed by her husband and costar John Krasinski, tells the story of a family trying to survive in a dystopian world where monsters quickly snatch and kill anyone who makes a noise. One of the most terrifying scenes sees a pregnant Evelyn (Blunt) about to give birth in a bathtub alone, as monsters slowly start to make their way into her home.

“I will say, emotionally it was the most daunting to do the birth sequence because I knew it was going to be a beast,” she told reporters in the SAG Awards press room as she palmed her trophy in a sparkly pink, sequined Michael Kors gown. “We would shoot it for 5 days straight, you know, giving birth, from the moment the water breaks till the moment I'm in the bathtub, which still makes my mother cry, she doesn't like watching that one.”

“So, I think that was the most daunting to shoot,” she continued. “I didn't necessarily find them as frightening as the audience did….more of an emotional task, you know?” She continued, adding, “It’s funny. You're doing a film like A Quiet Place, which is full of frightening moments and sequences. You're playing someone who is under great duress the entire time. In some ways it's sort of more technical shooting those scenes to create the best way to make a scare.”

Terrifying moments aside, Blunt said the best part about filming A Quiet Place was working side by side with her husband, which she said seemed to surprise people, quipping that many thought they would surely be headed for a split once the project was done.

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Inside
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“My favorite thing about shooting A Quiet Place was fore sure working with John,” the thesp continued. “We had never done it before and it is kind of the great unknown. You go into this process not knowing what that's gonna be and a lot of people were like, 'You're gonna be divorced by the end of it.' You know? And actually we were so much closer. I think the discovery of how well we collaborate and how well we can create something together was just so special, so special.”

Blunt gave a shout out to her hubby during her acceptance speech as well, and though she couldn't see his tearful response to her words, “I think he probably was as shocked as I was because I think it was very unexpected and that's an incredible category and certainly something I had not planned for.” She added, “So, I was pretty blown away and I think he was just overjoyed. He was overjoyed. I'm also completely blind without my glasses, so his face was like a bit of a blur to me, so I'm gonna find out how he really felt when I see him.”

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Krasinski’s move to direct the film may have inspired Blunt to direct a project of her own one day. When asked if she would ever try directing, the actress didn’t rule out the possibility. “Well I've seen now behind closed doors just what it costs you, emotionally and physically, to kind of get through directing a film and helming something as ambitious as A Quiet Place,” she continued.

“I would like to think I would want to do it one day. I'm still learning and absorbing, and I'm very interested in all facets of making a film, so maybe one day.”

In the meantime, we’ll be getting our popcorn ready for Blunt’s next big film — which hopefully will include another collaboration with Krasinski.