How Does Emilia Clarke's Star Wars Character Compare to Game of Thrones's Khalessi?

Emilia Clarke is no stranger to playing badass women. Most know her as Game of Thrones's Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi the Mother of Dragons, but soon her fans will see her portray another powerful character in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In the film, which hits theaters today, Clarke plays Qi’ra, a childhood friend of Han Solo who reconnects with him under difficult circumstances. While not much has been revealed about her character, she described her as "badass," adding that she's a "femme fatal."

If you didn't know she was referring to her Star Wars character, you may think she was discussing the beloved Khaleesi, but their shared personality traits are where their similarities end. For one, they look nothing alike. This is to be somewhat expected due to the fact that GoT is set in a medieval fantasy world and Star Wars is set in space, though we suspect you'll notice her hair before anything else.

Emilia Clarke
Lucasfilm, HBO

Clarke, who is a natural brunette, wore a wig to play Khaleesi for the show's first seven seasons. The bright blonde hair and her character's signature braids are the defining physical characteristics of Daenerys, and she looks much different with her naturally dark hair.

Qi’ra on the other hand shares Clarke's mane. For her role in Star Wars, she wears her hair in a shoulder-grazing bob, which is a stark change to her most well-known roll.

While winter has dawned in Westeros, we have a feeling she'll be leaving her fur-lined clothes and crowns behind as she conquers the galaxy.

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