Emilia Clarke - Stephen Colbet
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Poor Emilia Clarke. When she plays Daenerys Targaryen/Mother of Dragons/Khaleesi on Game of Thrones, she doesn't get to use her beautiful eyebrows to express her feelings as much. But luckily in her new film, Me Before You, as she told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, she got to be more expressive with her eyebrows. The two then showed off their equally impressive eyebrow wiggling skills. "This is what we learned in drama school," she joked.

Colbert asked her about her drama school experience and if she got to study and perform the classics like Shakespeare. "I did, but I didn't get to play like Juliet or those ethereal characters. I got like the Jewish grannies," said Clarke to laughs from the audience. She then rolled out an excellent Jewish granny accent. When Colbert told her he was from the South and she went right into a perfect Southern accent, that Colbert decided was Appalachian. "Well I'm about to do this movie right now where I'm playing Southern so I'm kind of in this accent right now," she said. "You're right in there, get in the pickup truck and we'll go," he said.

Watch Clarke show off her eyebrow and accent skills in the clip below.

During her visit to the show, Clarke also revealed to Colbert in the green room that she wasn't actually the Mother of Dragons like she is on the show, but instead is the Mother of Puppies, and was suddenly surrounded by a dozen adorable puppies. "Oh my God, they're so adorable! How many puppies do you own?" he asked. "Own? Stephen, own? A puppy is not a slave," she said before calling a cute little yellow lab sitting near her Drecarus, who then breathed fire.

Check out the Mother of Puppies clip above.