Emilia Clarke Is Clinique's First-Ever Global Ambassador

The Mother of Dragons has a new title. 

Emilia Clarke
Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Emilia Clarke, also known as Khaleesi, The Mother of Dragons, and The Silver Queen just got herself a brand new title: Clinique's first-ever global ambassador.

On Jan. 15, the iconic beauty brand announced the partnership news on Instagram with a behind-the-scenes video of Clarke's campaign photoshoot for Clinique's iD Collection. The line offers a custom blend hydration system available in 20 different formulations, based on skin's specific concerns and needs.

Like so many of us, Clarke was first introduced to Clinique by her mother. However, she told People that she didn't start using the products until she noticed how the brand celebrates individuality. "Seeing all the beauty brands displayed at department stores, I really noticed that Clinique was consistently being completely universal,” she said, which is also something that is important to her on a personal level.

Emilia Clarke Clinique iD Campaign

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“When it comes to being interviewed for a living and to being on a platform, you can run the risk of losing your identity slightly,” she added. “I’m always trying to make sure that what it is that I’m saying is genuinely authentic and genuinely true to who I am and what I’m feeling without giving away too much of my privacy.”

That said, we definitely appreciate Clarke sharing a few of her beauty secrets with us through the new campaign.

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