This Small Tweak Makes Emilia Clarke's Bob Look So Different

Emilia Clarke's hair is so not Game of Thrones. Since the final season wrapped filming, the actress has chopped all of her hair off into a pixie, grown it out to a bob, and dyed it chocolate brown.

And the post-Winterfell hair changes don't stop there. Clarke's latest look takes her hair even further from Kahleesi's signature long, often braided, white-blonde hair.

Clarke's go-to hairstylist Jenny Cho updated her bob by adding graduated layers and giving the actress a deep side part. These short layers and the part placement give Clarke the illusion of soft, side-swept bangs. Cho finished the style off by curling the ends of the bob. As you can see in the photo Cho posted on Instagram, the style is more Old Hollywood than Battle of Winterfell.

Whether you're celebrating the near-end of one major project, like Clarke is, or not, this small haircut adjustment can be inspiration for your next cut. If you love your bob but your cut is starting to feel a little meh, changing your part and adding some layers is a quick fix.

Emilia Clarke

Clarke may have calmed any anxiety you might have over your next haircut, but as for which GoT characters survive the show's final epsoides, well, you're going to have to wait to find out.

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