Elyse Bachelor
Credit: ABC

On The Bachelor season 23, Elyse Dehlbom is one of the many women vying for Colton Underwood’s heart. From day one, the makeup artist has been poised, honest, skeptical, and relatively drama-free. Perhaps her attitude has something to with the fact that she' a bit more mature than the others; At 31, Elyse is one of the women on the show who competitor Demi Burnett might call "elderly."

During the second episode the season, Elyse, was deemed “brave” for being vocal about her age — again, she’s only 31. This happened during the group date, wherein contestants told stories about a “first” from their dating history for an audience of strangers, Colton, their competitors and, for some reason, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. Elyse confessed that this was her first experience dating a younger man.

But, who is Elyse? We know she’s extremely brave for daring to live her life as a 31-year-old woman, but as you’ll see tonight, she’s also playing a longer game. Here's what I've gathered from her Instagram: Elyse lives in Arizona and works as a makeup artist. Her Instagram feed is filled almost exclusively with her or her clients in full faces of makeup. Unlike many of her fellow contestants' online footprints, Elyse’s Instagram tells us little else about her life. Even her bio is vague: “Be like the pineapple 🍍 Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet on the inside.”

The IRL version of Elyse is, of course, more complex. As she mentioned on the show, she’s suffered through the death of her sister, Sarah, who died of a rare neuroendocrine cancer (which she was diagnosed with when she was pregnant). Her hardships don’t stop there. Since 2005, Elyse has had a steady stream of illegal incidents that have landed her in a courtroom, behind bars, or committing hours of community service. Many of her crimes include unregistered plates, not stopping at lights, and other traffic violations. In 2015 Elyse was arrested for a DUI. She has a mugshot — and possibly better judgment — to show for it.

Personal history aside, Elyse is actually doing something pretty impressive on the show. Unlike Bachelor contestants of yore, Elyse doesn’t fall into the Insta-trap of hinting at the possibility of being the woman Colton will choose. There are no sunset photos of herself with Colton paired with heart and rose emojis. Instead, she’s kept up with keeping her Instagram makeup artist post, seemingly in preparation for the gigs and sponsored posts to come.

All of it makes sense, because according to Reality Steve —SPOILER ALERT — tonight, Elyse will excuse herself from the competition because she’s just not vibing with Colton. A contestant electing to leave is a rarity on this show but if it ends up really happening, Elyse certainly got the necessary amount of television under her belt for mild fame, and then peaced out before she even had to pretend to consider taking Colton’s virginity in the fantasy suite. She’d also never been out of the country until the show, and she leaves just one week after the group touches down in Singapore.

Well played, Elyse. Keep standing tall like the pineapple, and it's been nice knowing you.