The Academy could stand to follow Fisher's lead. 


The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, and few (non-white, non-male) people are pleased with the results. While most social media users lamented the lack of diversity, Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher, 16, took matters a step further and created her own list of nominees for an awards show we’d love to watch: the Elsie Awards.

“I’ve decided to start my own film awards because sometimes other ones suck, so here are the nominations for the first annual Elsie Awards,” Fisher wrote on Monday night.

And though Greta Gerwig and Jennifer Lopez couldn’t break into the Elsie noms either, we still stan Fisher’s representation of both indie and mainstream films, actors of color, and women directors (three out of five!).

I mean, Fisher’s got Lupita, Awkwafina, Adams of both Driver and Sandler varieties, Lulu Wang, Park So-dam … And** she’s come to a solution regarding awards season’s horror problem: Create a new category!

The winners will be announced tonight, and we honestly cannot wait.