Body Milk - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

With fall’s arrival comes the craving to slather on luxurious beauty products that soothe the skin and also feel like home. And while finding the perfect formula sounds as easy as walking into your local department store, it’s rare to come across a luxe lotion that’s truly free of toxins—until now.

Based in upstate New York, Ellis Brooklyn is a new line of body care musts infused with sultry fragrances (think Joe Malone or Diptyque’s mixtures) without potentially harmful ingredients. Free of parabens and phthalates, each body milk formula is compromised of velvety emollients that not only revive your epidermis, but also waft delicious scents created by master perfumer Jerome Epinette, of Byredo fame.

Yes, the 8 oz. recycled glass containers are noteworthy, but it’s the Pseudonym ($55;, Verb ($55;, and Raven ($55; iterations housed inside that we’re obsessed with. Each is inspired by a classic piece of literature from authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway and contains hints of fig, mandarin, and rhubarb, respectively. With more scents in the works, this one’s bound to become an autumnal favorite.

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