Watch Ellen DeGeneres’s Morning Workout Get Interrupted by Her "Kid"

Ellen DeGeneres attends the UK Premiere of "Finding Dory"
Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty

Ellen DeGeneres’s morning workout struggle is going to look all too familiar to pet owners. The talk-show host—whose summer hiatus from The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends Sept. 6—on Wednesday posted a hilarious workout video in which two furry guests make a special appearance.

DeGeneres attempts to do crunches in her home gym when her two small dogs, Auggie and Kid, start play-fighting right next to her. The pups bump into her arm and even climb on top of her as she tries to continue her exercise. “Guys,” she says in the hilarious clip. “I’m trying to workout.”

The talk-show host first announced that she and wife Portia de Rossi had adopted a new dog back in January, joking that they now have a “kid” in the family. “There have been rumors forever. ‘When are you and Portia going to have a kid?’ So now I can say we have a Kid,” she said.

As DeGeneres can’t even work out uninterrupted, it looks as though the fluffball might be just as needy as a tot.

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