Ellen DeGeneres Cold-Called Michelle Obama During Coronavirus Isolation

And revealed that the former first lady has a very nostalgic ringback tone.

As we all self-isolate to keep everyone as safe as possible from the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, Ellen DeGeneres has been taking the time to call all her friends — including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

On Monday, the talk show host shared a video of herself FaceTiming Obama while they were both in self-isolation with their respective families, discussing how they're using their time being home-bound.

In addition to learning that Michelle Obama has a ringback tone on her phone, we also learned from the video (filmed by DeGeneres's wife Portia de Rossi) that the Obamas are home trying to keep themselves occupied as Sasha and Malia have come home from college.

“We’re just trying to structure our days," the former first lady said. "Everybody’s home, the girls are back because colleges are now online. They’re off in their respective rooms doing their online classes. I think Barack is, I don’t know where he is. He was on the phone on a conference call."

She added, "We’re just trying to keep a routine going, but we’ve also got a little Netflix and chillin’ happening."

Since COVID-19 has spread in the U.S. and several states have ordered residents to stay at home to help prevent it from spreading further, DeGeneres has been cold-calling her famous friends and letting us in on the conversations — which honestly is a pretty good use of time. If you're trying to keep from going stir-crazy at home, calling friends isn't a bad idea (even if your address book isn't quite as A-list as Ellen's).

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