By Alexandra Whittaker
Nov 03, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

Ever since news of Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian's pregnancies came to light, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the two stars to talk about it themselves—but that has not happened yet. Though big sis Kim Kardashian West has been open about expecting her third child via surrogacy, Kylie and Khloé have kept mum about their new mom-to-be statuses, much to the chagrin of super fans who want every detail (i.e. us).

So when momager Kris Jenner made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's show, of course the topic came up. After DeGeneres hilariously parodied the family by announcing her character Karla Kardashian was also expecting (and spreading rumors that Kourtney and Kendall are pregnant—they aren't), the talk show host got down to business.

"You are the best daughter because you’re so easy to get along with,” Kris told DeGeneres, of Karla. “You do make up a lot of stories though. You got to work on the little fibs.”

“You mean like mentioning [Kourtney and Kendall] are pregnant?” DeGeneres asked, before delving into the real topic at hand. “All right, they’re not. But you have lots of pregnant children right now. You do. You have a whole bunch of them.”

Kris dodged the question as best she could, but her response was still telling.

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"Oh, here, I can feel where this is going. She’s trying to trick me into confirming pregnancies ...” she said.

Fortunately, DeGeneres was understanding, telling Kris that “You’re waiting for your show to do it, I know that."

Kris's answer? "Well, you know, I get 10 percent, so …," she replied. That's definitely not a denial.

While we still don't have direct word on how Jenner feels about Kylie and Khloé's pregnancies yet, at least we know to watch out for it on the show. You'd better believe we'll be tuning in.