After seeing Dakota Johnson alongside Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey, it's hard to imagine any other actress as Anastasia Steele; however, she wasn't the only one considered for the sexy role. One hot contender? Ellen DeGeneres.

The talk show host had Dornan on her show Tuesday and decided to show the audience what Fifty Shades would be like if she was in it instead. In a hilarious spoof (above), DeGeneres seduces the Irish actor with office supplies. "I assume you like a girl in a uniform," she tells the hunk, dressed in an unbuttoned Staples uniform.

"The moment I walked into Staples, I just knew I had to have you in my life," Dornan responds. The comedian proceeds to tie him up with tape and taunt him with a stapler and pencil sharpener and you won't be able to keep it together at your desk.

While definitely a parody, the clip isn't far from how Dornan feels when he walks on set. "The funny thing is, pretty much everything you find in the Red Room, you've used a version of but not for the same effect. It's more like, maybe riding a horse or something. Or, you know, doing up a bag that's particularly full and you're using a buckle, that kind of thing," he said.

"You have the skill set, kind of, and you sort of surprise yourself," Dornan joked, explaining that he and his wife aren't much into BDSM.

Watch the hilarious interview above to hear Dornan dish about the sexy sequel Fifty Shades Darker, out Feb. 10, and why the first movie was responsible for a baby boom.