By Olivia Bahou
Feb 01, 2017 @ 10:30 am

Corinne Olympios has quickly become this season of The Bachelor's greatest villain. And while the final rose is far from being handed out, Ellen DeGeneres just couldn't wait any longer to get the 24-year-old on her show and ask her some very pointed questions.

"Is that the real you? Would you say that's a great representation of yourself?" the talk show host started. "That is the real me. It is definitely a real side of me, but there are many other sides to me," Olympios responded.

"What sides didn't we see? We saw the front side," DeGeneres jokes, gesturing to her chest. "Yeah, you did. Well, I'm an older sister. I run a business. I am an athlete—well I work out every day. I have a trainer. I think that you'll see a lot more of Corinne as the season goes on," she said.

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The Bachelor enthusiast went on to ask if, when watching the show live, she understood how she was seen as crazy. "Watching it back, I'm funny. I think I'm funny. I actually really laugh very hard at myself. I'm like, wow I didn't even know I was that funny," Olympios said, adding, "I was a little bit more promiscuous than I thought would look."

As all good fans would, DeGeneres wondered (aloud) if the 24-year-old was there for the right reasons. "I was in a long relationship. It was very stressful. I kind of just got out of that and then things just fell into place with the show, and I just thought it was a really great opportunity to put myself out there and have fun with it," Olympios told her of her decision to go on the show. And finally, DeGeneres asked our biggest, burning question: "Why do you have a nanny?"

"She's been with us for 18 years. She moved with us from Florida to New Jersey. She's kind of like my everything. She raised my sister. She helped my mom through cancer. She's great. She's part of our family," she said.

"Nanny is kind of a word that I use for her because I have a lot of respect for her and she's kind of like a mother figure to me, so I don't really like to say, like, cleaning lady or housekeeper," Olympios added.

The Bachelor contestant also agreed to play a game of "Who'd You Rather," and there's one lucky man that she'd choose over Nick V. Watch the hilarious clips above to see a very different side of the notorious villain.