Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce
Credit: Kevin Winter/WireImage

Ellen DeGeneres has nearly 50 million Instagram followers, but there's only one she really wants. On Thursday, the talk show host revealed her love for Instagram, and how it has led her to a near-impossible life mission.

"I just thought, you know, I'll follow Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber, baby goats, you know, just kid stuff," she recalled of her first familiar moments on the popular photo-sharing app. "And then I started following a Kardashian here, a Kardashian there, and obviously that led to the Jenners."

It was only a matter of time until she encountered Beyoncé's account. "I spend so much time on Instagram that I noticed something interesting...she has over 100 million followers...she follows zero people," DeGeneres cried. "Zero!" Naturally, she announced her new goal in life: to become the one person Queen Bey follows. Admirable? Yes. Impossible? Most likely.

DeGeneres began her campaign for Beyoncé's love by 'gramming a video of all 400 people in her audience doing the "Single Ladies" dance. "Hey @Beyonce, if you follow me, you'll get this and more," she captioned video.

Next, she shared a 'Yonce-inspired collage of some of her latest looks. "Stop playing hard to get, @Beyonce," the Emmy-winner wrote alongside the clip.

Despite her best efforts, Beyoncé's follow count remains at zero, but something tells us DeGeneres won't be giving up any time soon, and we are totally here for it.