Big feminine energy, but that's not all.


Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Elizabeth Warren is a boss. I mean, remember when she “murdered” John Delaney on live television?

Senator Warren created another badass viral moment on Thursday evening when she showed off her impeccable comedic timing at CNN's Equality Town Hall.

But sick burns and incomparable delivery aside, there was something else undeniably ~powerful~ about Warren’s bearing, and it emanated from her magenta blazer.

Vying for a spot in the nation’s most notorious boys’ club, in a world where women are routinely told to think and act “like a man,” Warren (aided by a rosy cheek and glossy lip) leaned into her femininity.

Elizabeth Warren
Credit: ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

But that’s not all. Like Gretchen Wieners’s hair, Warren’s outfit is full of secrets. The presidential hopeful’s pink blazer (which looked to be by Nina McLemore, one of warren's go-to brands) appeared to allude to issues close to her heart. Most prominently, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is observed using the color pink. The color is also important in the LGBTQ community — the pink triangle, originally a symbol of oppression (it was used to identify gay and bisexual men in Nazi Germany), was reclaimed as an emblem of pride.

Obviously, we don’t know the exact intentions behind Warren’s outfit, but it goes without saying that the Massachusetts senator loves to send a message.