While also wearing Versace, of course. 


Not only does Damian Hurley take after his mother's excellent bone structure and luscious hair, he also inherited her sense of style.

On Thursday, he stepped out in London wearing a Versace jacket studded with gold safety pins along the side, paying homage to Elizabeth Hurley's iconic Versace safety pin dress.

Pat McGrath Labs 'Sublime Perfection: The System' Photocall with Damian Hurley
Credit: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Damian was attending a launch party for Pat McGrath's new product range at Selfridges in London, after having starred in an ad campaign for the brand's new collection.

His outfit channeled his mother's famous risqué dress, which she wore to the 1994 London premiere of her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant’s movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Elizabeth Hurley's Lookalike Son Just Channeled Her Iconic Safety Pin Dress
Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images

Hurley herself wore a remixed version of the career-making dress 25 years later in Harper's Bazaar magazine earlier this year, and recalled being wholly unprepared for the effect the dress had on her star power.

"I remember going to an office where they literally fished a dress out of a white plastic bag," she adds. "I took it home and did my own hair and makeup, fighting Hugh for the mirror, which wasn't even full-length, in our tiny one-bedroom flat. It was all very unglamorous compared to how things get done these days."

Within less than a year after that night, she became a spokesperson for Estée Lauder, starred in the Austin Powers franchise, and became a friend of the Versace family.

Though she said that she could easily still wear the dress to this day, that doesn't mean she would.

"Because it still fits doesn’t mean I would wear it today — it wouldn’t be appropriate!" she said.