The former Theranos CEO's hair looks a lot different.

Elizabeth Holmes Privilege
Credit: Benjamin Rasmussen/Getty Images

Elizabeth Holmes, she of the frizzy blonde hair, appears to have resurfaced with a new look.

Her face is the same — you can still recognize her. There's something different about her in these new photos aside from the fact that she's doffed her signature low-maintenance, Steve Jobs-inspired turtleneck and pants for a different pull from her wardrobe.

Ah, that's it – her hair is no longer frizzy and dry. It's long, flowing, with beachy waves at that. It looks like Elizabeth has begun taking care of her locks, now that her alleged lie has come unraveled.

Elizabeth Holmes Hair
Credit: AP Images

The former CEO of the now-defunct Theranos appeared at a Nov. 4 court appearance in high heels and a suit along with decidedly great-looking, non-frizzy blonde hair that certainly looked as though, like author Olivia Nuzzi pointed out on Twitter, she got a keratin treatment for her hair.

Previously, Holmes had been wearing the same "uniform" during her time at Theranos, even going so far as to wear a frizzy updo and makeup that didn't look quite right. All of these decisions contributed to her grift.

“[She] always wore the same makeup, and not only was it always applied poorly, but specifically in such a way that you noticed its poor application," explained The Outline's Amanda Mull. "She created problems with her appearance that weren’t really there — like the fuzzy hair of a bad blowout that could have been easily smoothed, or the slightly askew application of a neutral, easy-to-apply lipstick — and then she pointedly declined to solve them.”

Elizabeth Holmes Hair
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now that the ruse is over, it looks like Holmes has decided to give her hair some TLC and let it fall in loose curls over her shoulders. We're getting a glimpse at what her appearance actually looks like beyond the "costume" she donned as part of her carefully-cultivated look in the past.

It's odd to see Holmes without her trademark frizziness, but there's no need for that anymore, after all the deception has faded away.

What kind of hairstyle will she take on next?