Elizabeth Banks and Taylor Swift Lead
Credit: elizabethbanks/Instagram

Taylor Swift's squad of famous friends just keeps on growing. Yesterday, Elizabeth Banks took to her social media accounts to show her love for the pop star.

The actress posted two photos—one on Instagram (above) and one on Twitter (below)—that showed the stars embracing along and gave each a super-sweet caption.

"Knowing who you are and what you have to offer the world isn’t easy at any age," she wrote on Instagram. "This radiant creature got right to it and inspires people, especially young women, to do the same. My admiration runs deep for this gal. Thanks for a memorable evening Tay."

She shortened her prose for Twitter, but mentioned that "1989 was a great year for me":

Banks isn't the only one who is sharing how how much she adores Swift. Last week, one of her dancers Toshi Instagrammed his gratitude to the star after she donated $50,000 to his 13-month-old nephew, who is battling cancer.