Elie Tahari Vespa
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It’s a designer’s responsibility to help forecast the trends that shape our wardrobes—and lives—each season. And thanks to Elie Tahari, we now know that this summer’s hottest one will be ditching our cars for a scooter.

The designer has teamed up with Vespa Brooklyn to release a line of custom scooters inspired by the waters of Santorini, Greece. Sure, the sporty two-wheelers are glamorous in their own right, but Tahari has decorated each one with custom seat covers made from the same fabrics (think mesh, red-berry neoprene, and blue silk tie-dye) used in the designer’s fall 2015 collection. “It is a fun thing for summer,” Tahari told WWD. “My older brother, Avi, used to have one when I was a kid. He still has one. Now I’m going to get the latest model and make him jealous.”

Elie Tahari Vespa embed
Credit: Courtesy

Ready to see one for yourself? You’ll have to jet into one of Tahari’s New York stores (in East Hampton, SoHo, and Fifth Avenue) quickly—they’re only on display until July 4, but can be purchased at Vespa’s Brooklyn location.