Editor's Picks: 5 Sexy Fragrances for Valentine's Day

sexy fragrances for Valentine's Day
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Beauty editors comb thought hundreds of scents a month and are generally considered the reigning experts in the most appropriate scent for every occasion. In honor of the most romantic day of the year, we asked InStyle's beauty team what they spritz on when they want to feel sexy.

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Marianne Mychaskiw, assistant editor: "Agent Provocateur’s wide range of lingerie always sets the bar high when it comes to determining what is sexy, and I have yet to find a scent more seductive than the brand’s original Eau de Parfum ($115; nordstrom.com). One spritz of the heady floriental blend helps me channel my inner Marilyn – I love how it starts out strong with notes like Moroccan rose, saffron, and jasmine, then softens throughout the day as subtle elements like amber and gardenia start to come through."

Sheryl George, associate beauty editor: "I love Stella McCartney's fragrance Stella ($72; sephora.com)…I always get compliments when I wear it and I love that it's got a sexy vibe without being over the top or super intense."

Kahlana Barfield, beauty director: "I love iProfumi di Firenze's Talco Delicato fragrance ($110 at barneys.com). I've been wearing it for years and never feel quite as sexy when I try other scents. It smells like baby powder (in a good way!). I spritz it on my neck, wrist and hair in the morning and it lasts all day."

Selene Milano, senior beauty editor InStyle.com: "Fragrance is like clothing: sometimes you wear something for yourself or other women—and then some make you feel sexy enough for a date. When I wear Florabotanica by Balenciaga ($100 at sephora.com) my husband always notices. And I've had two male friends buy it for their wives!"

Angelique Serrano, beauty director: "I've tried time and again to describe how sexy Frederic Malle Carnal Flower ($350; fredericmalle.com) smells to those who haven't experienced it – and I always fall short. It brings to mind hot, heady tuberose flowers laced with all of their creamy sweetness and a hint of spice. It's incredibly addictive and just as magnetic. Whenever I wear the fragrance, a stranger stops to ask me about it. Sometimes I reveal the name, and sometimes I keep my signature to myself."

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