Editors' New Year's Beauty Resolutions: Getting Stronger, Healthier Hair

New Year's Beauty Resolution
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New year, new you! After the first few weeks of January, sticking to those fitness resolutions can be a challenge (especially with factors like the winter weather hindering your daily jogging routine, or you know, the gym not being in your actual apartment). Beauty resolutions, on the other hand, are slightly easier to abide by and much more fun than sweating through an intense workout class.

Whether you’re making plans to take better care of your skin in 2015, or to switch up your lipstick wardrobe, making small changes to your regular routine can have a major impact on your overall look. We asked our editors to tell us about the beauty resolutions they hope to accomplish in 2015—keep reading to find out what InStyle Beauty Intern Audrey Noble hopes to resolve in the new year.

I’ve been obsessed with pin-straight hair for years. My natural hair is confused on whether it wants to be straight or wavy, so it is really a messy combination of the two. I used to get my hair permanently straightened with Japanese straightening treatments until it became too expensive to maintain ($200 twice a year takes a toll on one’s wallet). Against my better beauty judgment, I started to use a flat iron every day and continued this habit for about a year and a half. Now my hair is extremely dry and full of split ends.

My beauty resolution this year is to cool it with the hot tools. To restore the protein back into my strands, I use leave in conditioners like the Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask ($47; dermstore.com) at least once a week. The shea butter leaves my hair smooth, and the oils mixed in the mask fix the damage all the heat has done to my hair. As a plus, the smell of it is pretty amazing.

When I do have to blow-dry, I always use a heat protecting spray like the Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection Spray ($28; moroccanoil.com) and set the dryer on the lowest heat setting. Even if that means it takes longer for me to get ready, it is worth getting my hair strong and shiny again.

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