By Rita Kokshanian
Nov 19, 2014 @ 11:10 am
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In light of the recent rumors that chocolate may become scarce in the near future (the Washington Post reports that we're consuming more cocoa than farmers can produce), we're freaking out about a potential shortage here at the InStyle offices. We polled our editors on what chocolate they would hoard should the shortage occur. Find out their picks below!

Dominique Ansel's chocolate chip cookie shot: "My favorite thing on the planet is a hot chocolate chip cookie and milk. Dominique Ansel Bakery makes cookie shot glasses lined with the most delicious chocolate and served with milk that's infused with Tahitian vanilla. Beyond!" —Selene Milano, senior beauty editor

Mast Brothers sea salt chocolate bar: "I love dark chocolate, and am one of the crazy people that lays down $9 for a bar of Mast Brothers chocolate. It is just the right amount of bitter, and their bar that's sprinkled with sea salt (my fave) is pretty amazing. I've mastered the art of making one bar last—the flavors are so strong, you can savor a single square at a time. They wrap the bars in beautiful patterned papers, which makes them doubly alluring, and a great for gift giving." —Joanna Bober, lifestyle director

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Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate: "Whenever I travel to Puerto Rico to see my relatives, we inevitably find ourselves chatting in the kitchen late at night, gathered around a pot of simmering hot chocolate. What makes the flavors so unique are the steamed milk and the circular disks of Mexican chocolate melted within it. The taste is thick, rich and so comforting. I can't imagine never having another mug of the sweet stuff!" —Angelique Serrano, beauty director

Kit Kats: "Who can resist that light chocolate flavor and the satisfying crunch of the wafer inside? If this cocoa shortage is real I need to start stocking up on king size Kit Kats asap!" —Sarah Balch, associate photo editor

Nirvana 72% dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt: "Ideal mix of sweet and salty — and the antioxidants in the dark chocolate help alleviate the guilt." —Amy Synnott, executive editor

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Prestat sea salt truffles"How good are Prestat’s chocolates? They inspired customer Roald Dahl to pen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are the official chocolate purveyors to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Dipping into a box of their decadent sea salt caramel truffles is pure heaven." —Katie Donbavand, associate producer

Ritter Sport cornflakes: "My weakness is Ritter Sport Cornflakes. I like to tell myself they're healthy because there's a touch of breakfast cereal in them." —Angela Matusik, executive editor, digital

See's Candies almond buds: "I'm from California, and I grew up on See's Candies's boxes of assorted chocolates (they're a San Francisco based company). Whenever my parents would get a box, I'd beeline for the classic Almond Buds—they're these classic milk chocolate and almond clusters with just a touch of a caramel—I could not get enough as a kid." —Anne Kim, assistant editor

Godiva white chocolate gift box: "White chocolate is my absolute fave, and this box gives me 24 ways to indulge. Who doesn’t love variety? Plus, since white chocolate doesn't contain actual chocolate (there are no cocoa ingredients in it), I know I'm safe from the shortage!" —Sharon Clott, senior editor

Trader Joe's dark chocolate speculoos cookie butter cups: "I'm not a big fan of peanut butter, so I was elated when I recently discovered these speculoos-filled cups of heaven at Trader Joe's. The ratio of cookie butter to dark chocolate is just right." —Claire Stern, editorial assistant

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