Harry Josh HairDryer
Credit: courtesy photo

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh is the genius behind the most coveted hair in Hollywood (read: Gisele, Gwyneth and Rose Byrne). He's known for bouncy, super-sexy waves with lots of movement. Now, he's letting real girls in on the secret with the launch of the Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000 Hair Dryer, the first ever to combine energy efficiency with ionic functionality and an air flow of 80 miles per hour. The price tag? $300. Senior Beauty Editor Selene Milano tests it out to see if she's blown away.

"I have to confess, I rarely blow-out my own hair. It takes a village to get my insane amount of keratin-treated and color-processed hair looking sleek and shiny, so I mostly leave it to the experts. But with two young kids and a busy career, it would be so much easier to DIY. Many hair dryers I've tried lack the power I need, and it winds up taking extra long just to garner less-than-stellar results. Enter the Harry Josh dryer ($300 at I loved it the look of it -- it's sleek, lightweight and the pistachio color is so on-trend. And it delivers. With eight speeds/heat/ionic settings, I created the perfect mix for the most efficient dry. I didn't even put it on the highest and my hair—and trust me I have a lot of hair—and was dry within 15 minutes. Even though it's so powerful, you don't have to use it for long, so it cuts down on harmful heat damage. I'm definitely a convert!"

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