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She may look like a princess, but my dog has the soul of a warthog. If there's a mud puddle or a stinky patch of grass, I can guarantee that Piper will be rolling in it as soon as I turn my back.

Thanks to her dirt-loving habits, Piper gets a lot of baths. It's tricky to keep her Pomeranian fluff looking radiant, and we've done a lot of Goldilocks-style experimenting: One cleanser was too stinky, another one didn't get all the mud off of her, this one was too dulling, that one left her itchy... It wasn't until I tried the newest offering from Wen that Piper found her perfect fit.

Yes, that Wen!

The luxury hair care line for people is branching out from the salon to the dog park. Los Angeles hairstylist and pet lover Chaz Dean created a cleansing conditioner that works on almost all your anipals—dogs, cats, horses, and even guinea pigs. Dean promises a non-stripping product made up of good things, like rice proteins, vitamins, and essential oils, without harsh chemicals.

Pet Conditioner
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Piper and I put Wen's Pet Cleansing Conditioner to the test after a muddy, post-rainstorm hike. The formula comes in a giant bottle (64 oz.!) and is concentrated so you can dilute it to fit your pet's needs. After preparing the cleanser with water and a few shakes, bath time commenced.

Pet Conditioner
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The first thing to know: The soap doesn't lather. It has a creamy, velvety texture that spread over her easily, like my own conditioner does for me. The directions suggest that you leave the product on for a few minutes so it can really do its work. (Easier said than done, depending on how wiggly and squirmy your dog is at bath time.)

The second thing to know: The smell is delightful! Notes of lavender, mint, and eucalyptus are reminiscent of a trip to the spa or a walk through a really beautiful herb garden.

So here comes the million dollar question: Does it work? See for yourself:

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Piper looked, felt, and smelled beautiful, with a mud-free coat that stayed shiny and bright. My little pom was easily the softest she's ever been too—we're talking cotton-candy levels of suppleness.

That dreamy scent stuck around too. Piper smelled so good that I ended up using her as a pillow the evening of her bath when we snuggled up for bedtime. The 3-piece Wen Pets Conditioning Set ($58; includes the sprayable Replenishing Treatment Mist to refresh the scent and softness in between tub times.

Bottom line: We're giving Wen Pets Cleansing Conditioner ($64; two thumbs—and four paws—up.

Author's Note: Piper was adopted through where tons of beautiful, smart, wonderful rescue dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages are waiting for forever homes.