Editor Tested: We Took the Moto 360 Smart Watch for a Spin

Photo: Alex Reside for InStyle.com

When it comes to gadgets that will make our lives easier, we're always up for testing out the latest innovations. So when the newest Android Wear accessory to join the smart watch explosion hit the market, we couldn't wait to get a feel for the features. The verdict? Motorola's Google-powered Moto 360 ($249 to $299) may just be the sleekest of the smart watches yet. Here's our take on the timepiece.

1. It's simple to access our favorite smartphone features.

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Tracking your steps, checking your flight status, or catching up on your social feeds? The Moto 360 delivers the latest deets right to your wrist so you don't have to pull your phone out of your purse. You can even discreetly check emails and browse your calendar during meetings.

2. The voice commands are serious time-savers.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

When we're running around the office with our hands full and dashing through Manhattan to press appointments, sometimes we just don't have an extra hand to look up directions or shoot off a quick text. The Moto 360's voice-activated system lets you send messages, set reminders, check the weather, and more. Just say "Okay Google," followed by your command.

3. The design replicates a traditional wristwatch.

Simply put, the Moto 360 doesn't feel like a mini computer strapped to your arm. It's super lightweight, and the round face not only maximizes the display area, but makes for a very comfortable fit. Plus, you can choose from six pre-loaded digital watch faces to keep you running on time when you're not using the smart features.

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