By Katie Donbavand
Updated Jul 05, 2014 @ 3:04 pm
iDevice Kitchen Thermometer
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Want to heat up your grill game? Well, we tested out a must-have thermometer for your summer weekend BBQs.

The iDevice Kitchen Thermometer ($80, uses Bluetooth technology combined with a helpful app that not only allows you to monitor your meal without lifting the grill's hood and compromising the cooking temperature, but also let's you wander away and enjoy the party with your guests!

So how does it work?

The kitchen thermometer comes with two prongs that you insert into your meat—either into two different cuts or, like we did, one into your meal and one to measure the ambient temperature. Next, you download the free app to your smartphone and set your alerts. The app comes loaded with pre-set temperature ranges so novices can cook their meat completely and safely, but also allows you to customize your own alerts.

The app alerts you—like a trusted sous chef—when the ideal internal temperature is reached and, voilà, dinner is served!

There's also a handy social media integration feature on the app which allows you to share your like-worthy cooking prowess to Facebook.

iDevice Kitchen Thermometer App
Credit: Courtesy Photo

But lest we rely on nifty-sounding bells and whistles alone, we put the iDevice Kitchen Thermometer to the test: smoking a brisket.

The all-day process of smoking a brisket is notoriously difficult. One of the keys to a mouthwatering, butter-soft brisket is a steady cooking temperature. With the iDevice Kitchen Thermometer, we were able to set our temperature range and walk away, letting our iPhone monitor the progress for us. No more lifting the lid to constantly check the brisket's progress—especially in the last hour or so to make sure it doesn't overcook!—and exposing the meat to a gush of cooler air.

Better yet, we were free to mingle and clink glasses with our backyard guests while the smoker worked its magic.

The results? A delicious BBQ and a very happy, un-frazzled chef.