By Marianne Mychaskiw
Mar 11, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

What started out as a Kickstarter just might be the razor that changes the game entirely. Equipped with a water spritzer, soap, and two blades, the circular Sphynx razor allows you to achieve a smooth, fuzz-free finish, even if you don't have time for your full shower routine. We asked Assistant Beauty Editor Marianne Mychaskiw to try out the product, and report back on if it lived up to its claims. Keep reading to find out what she thought!

I've been following the story of the Sphynx Razor ($15; ever since it made its debut on Kickstarter last year, and was very excited when I got the news that the product received enough funding to go into production---before even trying it, I liked the concept.

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As a vintage beauty ad aficionado, I was familiar with the '80s-era Flicker Razor, but the Sphynx was different. Instead of just a rounded exterior like the Flicker, the Sphynx houses just about everything you need to shave your legs on the inside, without hitting the shower. Simply twist the dial in the center to change between the refillable water spritzer, soap, and razor heads. The Sphynx is equipped with two blades, so you can move on to the second once the first goes dull, and the company is currently working on a model with replaceable cartridges set to launch this summer.


It's ideal for stashing in your gym bag or traveling, though I would probably load up the water spritzer after passing through airport security. While under the 3 oz. limit, explaining the uses of my beauty products to the TSA is not my forte.

I wasn't traveling anywhere and have failed at hitting the gym since before the holidays, but decided to take the Sphynx on a spin from my couch during a routine viewing of Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. I began by misting the entirety of my lower leg with water, then worked the soap, which contains all-natural ingredients, over the top to form a lather. The product designers kind of thought of everything; A series of seven holes along either side of the device help the interior to completely dry, and the flat edge along the bottom allows the razor to sit straight up on the bathroom counter. Once you get used to the feeling of holding a rounded razor in your hand, it's pretty much smooth sailing (pun intended) from there. Coming from the slim shape of the Venus razor, I had a little trouble with this part---and have the battle wound to prove it---but got the hang of it within a few minutes.

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The Sphynx worked just as well as the razors I typically use, if not better, thanks to the convenience factor. Any remnants of the soap can be wiped away, and if you can't get to a sink to rinse the blade, use a paper towel to clean it. One key tip: Make sure to rotate the interior to either the soap or water spritzer before closing it with the cap. I failed to do this, and almost hurt myself when uncapping the product to find I accidentally left it twisted on the blade attachment. Do not be like me.

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