By Jennifer Velez
Updated Dec 16, 2014 @ 3:01 pm
Credit: Sarah Balch for

Rebekkah Easley, assistant to InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Ariel Foxman, tried out the Muse, a brain-sensing headband. Read her thoughts on it below.

Working for the editor of InStyle is an exciting and fast-paced job and it often requires juggling multiple tasks at once. To help keep my stress levels in check, I decided to give the Muse headband a try. The wearable device is an electroencephalography (or EEG) monitor that guides you through three-minute relaxation exercises, measures your brain activity, and sends feedback to your tablet or smartphone.

Ironically, setting up the band was a slightly stressful experience in itself. To ensure an accurate reading, there are specific pressure points the headband’s sensor must make contact with—and getting a strong signal required more than simply strapping the headband to your forehead. Once I finally figured out how to adjust it and found the perfect fit, I was able to take the time to control my breathing and visualize a calming environment (like a serene New England beach), helping me to eliminate the stress factor.

The Muse, which is available for $299 at, quickly transformed my smartphone into an on-the-go meditation device. Having this resource directly at my fingertips, I plan to continue to use its recommendations and exercises to make me feel cool, calm, and collected—as if I’m at the beach, even in the dead of winter.

Credit: Sarah Balch for