Dreaming of the Perfect Mattress? This Bed-in-a-Box May Be Just the Trick

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May is National Sleep Month, and so all month long, we'll be reviewing products and offering tips with the aim of helping you create a zzz-inducing den of zen. In this installment, InStyle's lifestyle editor Anne Kim searches for the Goldilocks of mattresses. Sweet dreams!

When my fiancé moved in to my apartment, his mattress won out over mine. After a couple months, I realized I would never get used to it, and we accepted the fact that we would have to go through the nightmare of shopping for a new one.

Forget the fact that there are too many options to choose fromthe real problem for us was that we have completely different sleeping preferences: He’s a hot sleeper and I’m always cold; he likes a pillow-top surface, while I needed something a little more firm.

Enter Casper, a year-old company that prides itself on selling only one kind of mattressthe perfect mattress. With a team of engineers (including NASA veterans), the founders worked to create a product that would cater to all body types and sleeping styles. The buying process is as easy as it gets: You get one choice and 100 days to test it out. Though insanely new to the game, they’ve already done over $20 million in sales, and are growing exponentially. Plus, they’ve got some celeb fans too (Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush, Kylie Jenner, to name a few). We decided to give it a spin and see what the fuss is all about.

I was of course skeptical of Casper's single-option model, but it turned out to be our saving grace, ridding us of hours of research and unpleasant trips to stores where you’re overwhelmed by the options. Plus, with its 100-night trial period, we knew we could return it after three months—more than enough time to do a test drive—for a full refund.

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The mattress arrived on wheels. Literally. (Since it was coming from Casper's N.Y.C. headquarters, they were able to bike it to my abode. National orders arrive within five business days). The package was surprisingly smaller than expected. Imagine how big a box would be if your friend was crouched inside to surprise you with a bunch of balloons. That’s how big this box was. Once opening it, you’re greeted with your shrink-wrapped, rolled-up mattress, and a letter opener to assist in removing the packaging. After a 30-minute walk with the dog, I came back and it had fully expanded. Like an air mattress, but you don't have to do a thing.

One night in and my fiancé loved it. It kept his body at a comfortable temp all night. I was worried it would be too warm since it does have memory foam in its anatomy, but the top latex foam layer lets air circulate freely under your body. Still, I took a bit longer to adapt. My body wasn’t used to the unique semi-firm, semi-soft surface, and I was worried I had made a mistake. But after a few days, my body fully adjusted to the mattress and I've been sweet dreamin' ever since. It’s been almost three months, which means I could still arrange a return if I wanted to, but I don't feel the need. For me, the telltale sign that my body is satisfied is that I’m not complaining or thinking about the mattress at all.

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