Editor-Tested: IOMA's Space-Age Moisturizer Gave Our Skin a Cosmic Glow

Editor-Tested - IOMA Youth Booster
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IOMA's Youth Booster and the Mars Curiosity Rover have more in common than you think! The product borrows technology used by the rover on the Maritan surface, and just in time to celebrate Curiosity's first year on Mars, we asked InStyle.com Assistant Editor Marianne Mychaskiw to see whether or not we could expect results on a planetary scale.

"I have a slight obsession with space and astrophysics. While monthly horoscopes are entertaining, my interests always veered more toward astronomy than astrology, and I'll spend hours poring over countless science news pages. Last week, I took home IOMA's Youth Booster product ($220; saksfifthavenue.com), which merged my obsessions of skincare and the cosmos into one sleek bottle. The product is equipped with an innovative sensor cap, which boasts the exact same MEMS technology the Curiosity Rover uses to find water on the surface of Mars. On this planet, the MEMS sensor is used to measure the moisture levels in your skin, and although the product looks intimidating, it couldn't have been easier to use. After washing my face, I held the sensor up to my cheek for a few seconds until a red light on the cap was illuminated. Once I removed the cap, a row of LED lights appeared, which indicated how many pumps of the product to use -- in my case, two pumps twice a day. I tend to neglect moisturizer as my skin gets oily in the summer, but after just a week of use, my teenage-era acne spots were virtually non-existent, I wasn't layering on powder as frequently, and my complexion held a healthier appearance. A trip into the final frontier may not be in my immediate future (unless I scrape together some pocket change for a Virgin Galactic launch), but IOMA's Youth Booster made for a stellar addition to my skincare routine."

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