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Like a statement necklace, a bright smile can make everything else shine. While I love the idea of whiter teeth, I'm not into white strips since it requires time and patience. Enter Glo Science's Glo Pop Teeth Whitening Kit ($89;, a set of 10 portable ampoules (that's about three applications each) that can be applied directly onto teeth with the accompanying brush applicator. A thick gel containing teeth-brightening hydrogen peroxide adheres without dripping, and the minty flavor—surprisingly—doesn't taste bad.

So how did it work? I instantly saw a slight foaming action, which indicates the formula is working. While it's recommended to avoid drinking and eating for 20 minutes, the portable gel allowed me to multitask—as in, it didn't make my teeth look funny and I could talk normally, so no weird stares from anyone at the office. Better yet, there was no rinsing or removal necessary, and I didn't experience any sensitivity, which I normally do with most whitening devices and products. With my first use, I didn't notice much of a difference, but within a couple of days, I noticed a subtle brightening. The system can be used for five days for light-medium stains and up to 10 days for darker yellowing.

My one caveat? The pods do require some diligence. The brand recommends applying it three times a day, and I would typically only remember to apply twice a day. If you're looking for a dramatic difference, I would spring for the original system which provides professional results. For lighter stains, like mine, this is a definitely a keeper.

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