Flower Beauty
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Cream blush has many beauty benefits, but if the thought of giving up your tried and true powder formula makes you wary, Flower Beauty’s Transforming Touch blush could be for you. We asked’s Associate Editor Jennifer Davis to try the powder-to-cream blush, and report back on the results. Keep reading to find out what she thought!

I’ve wanted to experiment with cream blush for a while, and although I’ve dabbled here and there, nothing has really had made an impact on my beauty routine. Enter Flower Beauty’s new Transforming Touch blush ($10 at Walmart). At first I was wary of the claims. Would it really turn into cream as soon as it touched my skin? Or would it just be a glorified powder blush? I’m here to tell you, it definitely changes as soon as it touches your skin.

The first time I tried out the formula, I was surprised by how quickly it transformed and I accidentally applied way too much to a concentrated area. After experimenting with the product for a few days, I found my groove. To achieve a natural-looking flush, I lightly dabbed a standard blush brush into the powder and gently tapped off the excess product, from there a quick but firm sweep across my cheekbones deposited the color on my skin. I then blended the color a bit with my fingers for an even finish.

While I have similar color blushes already in my arsenal, this product really sold me on its longevity. Often times I found that by 4 p.m. I'd begin to look super pale, but the Transforming Touch blush lasted throughout the day. Needless to say, this blush is a keeper.