By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Feb 23, 2015 @ 9:07 am
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Mastering the art of applying a faux lash can be tricky territory, but the new Lash App Tool by UBU claims to streamline the process by taking the guesswork out of placement. We asked Assistant Beauty Editor Marianne Mychaskiw to try it out, and report back on the results. Keep reading to find out what she thought!

False lashes always look so easy to handle when someone is applying them on you, or if you're placing them on a friend. If I'm ever in the situation where I have to apply them on myself, I usually have to set aside an additional hour so I can spend time fighting with the glue and placing the strips as close as I can get them to my natural lashes. Even if I succeed, the edge closest to the inner corner of my eye always ends up lifting halfway throughout the night, and eventually, I ended up assuming that I just wasn't cut out for the faux lash game. Enter the UBU Lash App Tool ($5;, an angled clip with rubber edges designed to hold the strip in place, and help with sticking the falsies to your lids. At first, I struggled with using it. I got glue onto the rubber edge the first time, and on my second try, the lashes wouldn't come unstuck from the tool.

As the saying goes, the third time was the charm, and although it took a few tries, the process became 98% easier, not to mention, less time-consuming by about 55 minutes. The downward angle of the tool allows you to place the strip thisclose to your natural lashes, and to put them on, I used a tip I picked up from MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair: Put a hand mirror on your vanity table, then look down into it as you stick the lashes on. Just don't be like me, and try to be more precise with your glue application so you don't run into the same mishaps. The glue included in Eyeko's Lash Wardrobe ($24 for the set; comes equipped with an ultra-fine brush to ensure the perfect amount of distribution, which is what I applied once I finally got the method right. The best part? Because the tool makes it so easy to hold the lashes and ensure the entire strip is covered in adhesive, those loose inner corners quickly became a thing of the past.