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We're all aware of eyebrow pencils and kits that allow you to shade in sparse brows, but penciling on hair strokes every day really isn't fun. Thankfully, there's a way to naturally thicken up your brows without the daily hassle: Blink Brow Bar in Saks Fifth Avenue, which offers a Build-a-Brow treatment. The method is similar to eyelash extensions, and I was intrigued when I heard that results can last for up to six weeks.

I had been growing out my eyebrows for five years, and had no success in sprouting fringe à la Cara Delevingne when I decided to give eyebrow extensions a try. The Build-a-Brow treatments start at $120, but a quick scroll down the brand's Instagram feed suggested it might be worth it. First, my eyebrows were tinted using a dye that's less harsh than the chemicals in standard hair coloring products. Then, all of my stray hairs were removed via the threading method using 100-percent cotton.

Eyebrow expert Sabah Feroz explained that a full set of brows includes between 100 to 150 hairs, but since my brows weren't extremely thin she only added a half a set to each brow.

Each strand is unbelievably light, and I could not even feel the tiny hairs being attached. When I asked to see what they looked like, I found it hard to spot the silk fiber at the tip of Feroz's tweezers. The delicate strand reminded me of those nearly undetectable hairs that are usually found on your cheeks. After she meticulously placed each individual extension into position I sat up to look into the mirror for the first time and was completely shocked.

Eyebrow Extensions EMBED
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As you can see on the before, my brows weren't terribly thin, but the tail was virtually non-existent—and so was the shape. The Build-a-Brow treatment filled in the holes in my brows and created a flawless yet natural arch. And no matter how long I stared at my face in the mirror I couldn't detect the difference between the extensions and my own hairs.

Don't take my word for it. Check out their video below, which demos how each extension seamlessly blends in with natural hairs.